Getting started

  1. Register. Fill out all fields marked with an "*".
  2. If you are an agent representing a buyer make sure the seller offers buyer’s agent incentives.
  3. If you need professional help to buy a property send us a note.

Getting approved

You need to be approved in order to place a bid/offer. There are two options you may choose from: by credit card authorization or by seller agent's approval.

If you choose first option, we verify your identity and approve your participation by authorizing your credit card. There will be no charges made. If you choose this method:

  1. Click My Account link.
  2. Provide your credit card info and click Submit.
  3. Come back to the property you would like to purchase.
  4. Click Bid/Buy Now button.
  5. In approval popup click Confirm button.

Second option is to contact seller's agent to get an approval. Usually, pre-approval from a financial institution or proof of funds, if you make a cash offer, is required for participation. If you choose this method:

  1. Open property details page. If you're on the main page click on the property you would like to purchase.
  2. Click Send a message to the agent at the bottom of the page.
  3. Provide you contact information and details of your request.
  4. Click Send and the agent will respond back explaining the approval requirements.

Auto bid option

You may place a bid as high as you want to go, but the system will raise it only as high as needed. For instance, if current bid is $100K and you place $150 the system will raise the bid only to $101K and select you as a high bidder. If someone, places a higher bid, say $120K, the system will automatically place a bid of $121K on your behalf and select you as a high bidder. However, if someone places a bid of $151K or greater this person will be selected as a high bidder.

Bidding auto extend

Our system prevents last second sneaking by automatically extending the bidding time. If someone places a bid within last 5 minutes before the end of the bidding the system will automatically extend the time by 15 minutes to let other bidders make weighed out decisions.

Bidding winners, pay attention!

If you become a winning bidder be prepared to sign purchase agreement within the time specified in sale's terms and conditions (see posting details). Please note, if you decide to back out it is a breach of participation agreement. This may result in $500 withdrawal penalty charged to the credit card you provided for identity verfication.